Design Gems of Helsinki - Löyly

In the blog series Design Gems of Helsinki,  we are introducing interesting design spaces in Helsinki, Finland. 

Black, wood and sea, Löyly is a design waterfront sanctuary

Written by Margot Scherlin


Although the grey wood blanket merges as a big rock on the harbor, you can’t miss it. The Löyly sauna & restaurant embrace the coast with its triangular shapes hiding an elegant and intimate interior made by a concrete structure painted in black. Löyly combines wood, concrete and steel into unique Scandinavian form. 

LO¦êYLY 2.jpg

Designers from Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio have imagined a place treated very delicately but not too ornamented or textured to bring some refinement and calm into the space. Lines created by the planks and the long vertical bar communicate both serenity and dynanism forming an effective combination. The minimalist aspect is softened by the furniture: the stuffed fabric of chairs bring a comfortable side, a touch of color and texture. Added suspended lights produce rhythm, but their delicacy doesn’t disturb the view. 

LO¦êYLY 3.jpg

Löyly is designed simply to make visitors feel relaxed and admire the beautiful sea view. And of course the interiors are made with sustainable and natural materials, and the delicious food served is organic. We would not expect anything less from this Finnish gem by the sea.

LO¦êYLY 4.jpg