Design Gems of Helsinki - Alvar Aalto House

In the blog series Design Gems of Helsinki,  we are introducing interesting design spaces in Helsinki, Finland. 

Minimalist, functional and eternal, Alvar Aalto House is a pioneer of Finnish design.

- Written by Margot Scherlin

Polished and welcoming, Alvar Aalto house is decades ahead of its time, which explain the important modernity it still holds in our time.

The habitation is characterized by a subtle separation between private space and public space particularly using different floor level, this allows an amazing functionality and interesting moving in the space.

Functionality is a reason why this place is very modest, large windows mixed with neutral tones permit the light to come in and underline the importance of the outside. Touches of organic materials or thin planks of wood inspired by japonism on certain walls add some contrast and warm in the house. Each room is conceived according to its functions without superfluous details. Aalto items in relation to the property gives off an impression of coziness and familiarity. The famous architect and designer imagined the building with different big principles, especially to favor the human and family experience including nature in it.